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      Bill has 25 years of business experience in the high-tech computer industry where he started in customer service at 20 years old and worked his way up through sales and then to owning his own software company. He grew up sailing in Annapolis and fishing in the outer banks of North Carolina. Bill is a top-selling New Boat Sales Manager at Marlow Marine. Bill’s customer service and sales background have made him a natural at owner orientation for all of Marlows' customers.


IIf you don’t find Bill in the office, he is probably on a boat or fixing a boat. Bill takes all of this experience and his love for yachting and has started The New Yachtsman podcast. There are many questions plaguing those that wish to break into the yachting lifestyle but very few places to receive that information. Bill interviews people from all over the industry where he discusses anything from finance and insurance to what it takes to own a yacht and trends in the Yachting world.

If you have had questions about building, buying or cruising on a yacht, Bill would be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Please see his videos below, they include his listings and some informative videos about yachting.

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